NHW Window Stickers, Street Signs, Posters and Publications

NHW Window Stickers   ( for NHW Members ONLY )
NHW Coordinators should place carefully considered orders by making contact with our strategically located holders of supplies, appropriate for your location in the Cambs Policing Areas listed below  : –

Our supplies of Stickers are limited so please restrict your requests to economical quantities.   In the event of any difficulties, please Click on Contact Us  with your request for stickers, complete with your address details, and we’ll advise how you can arrange collection.

NHW Street Signs   [See NOTE below for min. height restriction for your installation]
NHW Street Signs cost £12 each.   To purchase, please send a cheque for appropriate sum, payable to “Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch”, to Morcom Lunt, 7A, Adams Road, Cambridge, CB3 9AD.
Also, please include the following information: your name, address, post code, email address, contact telephone number, the Police Station to which the signs should be sent, and the name of the person who will be collecting them.  If required, an invoice will be supplied in advance of the cheque being sent.

Once your cheque has been received, a receipt will be issued (by email unless specifically requested otherwise) and arrangements made to deliver the signs to the police station as advised by you.   Delivery timescale is normally less than ten days.  The dimensions of the Street Signs  we supply are :-

  • 380mm      x 280mm  (15″ x 11″)
  • weight      480 gms   (17 oz)
  • made of sheet aluminium
  • secured by two nylon straps.

When you are planning to erect NHW signs on lampposts, you should inform the Balfour Beatty Client Liaison Officer : Click here Enquiries@LightingCambridgeshire.com or tel. #01954 233300 with your request.   Be sure to include details of your village, street and the lamp-post reference number.   If the lamppost does not have a label with its reference number, give the number of the house that is closest to the lamppost, making it clear whether on the same or opposite side of the road to the house.

NOTE : During the erection and maintenance of signs and posters, including whilst erecting, NHW Members are covered by our Public Liability Insurance Policy providing that the lower edge of the sign is not less than 2.1 metres above the footway.

To Discourage Cold Callers Selling at Front Door
For “WE ARE NOT BUYING IT STICKERS  (or stickers with similar texts) to contact Trading Standards phone Cambridgeshire Consumer Advice on  08454 040506.

For NHW Publicity Materials and Publications

At present, it is only available in electronic format. However, ways of producing it in hard copy (e.g. securing a sponsor), are being sought and further details will be notified here.

  • Go to the National Neighbourhood and Home Watch web-site to gain access to various other NHW publicity materials and associated publications.  Click Here