Public Liability Insurance for NHW Members

Members of Cambridgeshire NHW enjoy free Public Liability Insurance for all Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch schemes across England and Wales to enable volunteers to carry out their roles.   The current policy is valid from 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017.    [see bottom of page to view and copy the Certificate of PLI cover]

The policy covers any scheme registered with an Authority recognised or verified by the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network. This includes the police service, the local authority or constituted NHW Associations.   In the event of a claim it will be for the NHW Scheme or Association to produce evidence how they are recognised as a NHW Scheme or Association in line with local policies and procedures or within their constitution.

What is covered?

  • If any of your activities cause injury to third parties or damage to third party property the insurer will cover claims arising for up to £5 million per claim occurring during the insured period.
  • The insurance applies for activities which are undertaken with your full knowledge, authority and under your control in line with good practice procedures and adhering to all relevant local policies and practices.
  • The erection and maintenance of signs and posters, including whilst erecting, is covered providing that the lower edge of the sign is not less than 2.1 metres above the footway.
  • Neighbourhood and Home Watch events, street parties and Neighbourhood and Home Watch stands at other peoples events are covered provided they are not prohibited by any exclusion criteria
  • The cover is also for other Wider Watches, Junior NHW and Speedwatch, if incorporated into a NHW Scheme or Association and local policies and practices are adhered to.
  • There is no age restriction (upper or lower) placed on the cover.
  • Access Insurance has been able to provide us with some additional cover at a very competitive premium, ensuring that we value the roles which volunteers undertake across the movement. Two such additions include cover for: Community Emergency Planning Committees and ’emergency neighbourly acts’ (if undertaken under the Neighbourhood Watch banner – see FAQs for clarity); and Personal Accident Cover for Co-ordinators under the age of 80 years whilst they are undertaking tasks on behalf of NW (please note personal accident cover does not include members).

To view and copy    Click Here for copy of PLI Cert of Insurance

General questions are also addressed in the PLI Frequently Asked Questions document.