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 AGM and CONFERENCE  ~ October  2016

John Fuller, Chairman Cambridgeshire NHW says :    Thankyou to all who attended our AGM and Conference at Police Headquarters, Huntingdon.  I hope you found it interesting and helpful for your contributions and support which we and the Police value so much.

To view the Notes  of the Conference Click Here.

The following documents were reviewed at the AGM :-

Update re-NHW Street Sign Notices

Our current understanding is that our guidance advice re the installation of our NHW Street Signs remains valid.   Accordingly, members requiring Street Signs should proceed as indicated in the text –  [ Mouseover the Main Menu to “Info for NHW Coordinators” and Click on the first topic on the drop-down menu there. ]


Hang up on fraud.
Concerned about cold calls and fraudulent scams ?    NHWN is working with Financial Fraud Action UK on a campaign to combat telephone scams.   If you are a Neighbourhood Watch or Home Watch coordinator or member, please help us spread the word by making your friends and neighbours aware of how they can protect themselves against telephone scams and fraud.

Try to report all phishing – any scam email messages or telephone calls which you receive claiming to be from an official body asking for personal details, promising rewards, prizes or shares of fortunes for small fees.

Click Here Action Fraud or on link at bottom of page for more information on reporting telephone cold calls or on-line fraudulent crime.   You can report on-line or by telephone o300 123 2040 to report these crimes.

Beware of their new “scam tool” –  Caller ID “Spoofing”

The scam “cold caller ” has a new and significant weapon in their armoury which assists them to be persuasive in convincing doubting victims to part with their cash at the bank .   They can create a fake Caller ID showing on your phone which appears to show that the caller is from your authentic bank phone number.   Click Here  for more details.


  • How to Stay Safe
    We are pleased to provide access to a new booklet designed by Neighbourhood & Home Watch which offers numerous extremely useful tips / advice on how to protect yourself from some of the typical criminal activities that sadly confront us from time to time.  Click Here to view the booklet on a separate screen page.   It is possible to download a copy of the booklet to save as a file (click on tag at bottom right of screen).    From this file you will be able to select the whole booklet for printing (36 pages !) or perhaps smaller extracts of text to support your work as a Coordinator, e.g. for use in village newsletters. We are presently examining whether it will be possible to provide a hard copy for Coordinators.    We hope to advise on this shortly. _______________________________________________________________________________________ NHW  Coordinators to NOTE :
    Crime Prevention and Home Security Advice. 
    To download a printable guideline booklet covering sound advice on home security – click on the link at bottom of page. ____________________________________________

Catalytic Converters.    Thefts of CATs from your car exhaust systems are now rife.   It’s because the thieves are after the valuable metals in the CATs which offer a high price on the scrap metal market.   For more details    – Click Here

Watching Out For Your Neighbours :~ As you know, Neighbourhood Watch isn’t just about watching out for and ensuring incidents and crime are reported effectively to the police or other appropriate authorities. It’s also about looking out for your neighbours making sure that no one feels alone, scared or vulnerable in the place where they live.  With this in mind, may we just nudge your thoughts at this time into thinking about your neighbours who may, at this critical time, be at risk from floods and from the cold.  Click Here for some suggestions to provoke your thoughts.

Fast Messaging to Your Local Policing Team
Instead of telephoning officers, there is a quick way to send a low priority message (not appropriate for incident reporting) to the local police team.  It goes directly to the named individual : –

  • Click on the link at bottom of this page “Meet Your Local Police Officers.  There you will see the top echelon of officers and on the left the 6 Policing Commands.
  • Click on your appropriate Police Command and then on the coloured box for your local area.   This opens to a gallery photos of your Policing Team.    Beneath each photo is a “Message me”.
  • Click on the photo to send a message directly to that officer.

Rogue Traders and Cashpoint Crime

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